Take a Subterranean Journey to the Mediterranean--
in the Middle of California!
Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Forestiere Underground Gardens are still owned and
operated by the builder's nephew, Ric Forestiere and his
family, who have been graciously sharing their family
heritage with people from around the world for 40 years.

Out of respect for Baldassare Forestiere's work and for
other visitors on tour, the Forestiere Family requests
that visitors please follow the tour policies:
Forestiere Underground Gardens are a true earth
environment that remain somewhat untouched from their
original beginnings. The tour grounds have small rooms and
narrow passageways, which cannot accommodate throngs of
Earthen pathways have some uneven areas and
good walking shoes are recommended.

To preserve the character of the grounds and ensure a safe
and pleasant visit for everyone, the number of
visitors at each tour hour is generally limited to about
35-40 persons, or two groups of 15-20 per tour time.

*Tours are on a first come, first served basis.
*Group size is generally limited to 15-20 persons
*Visitors wait upstairs at the entrance for the tour
guide to escort them downstairs, usually about
10 minutes before the tour hour.

NOTE:  There is no snack/ picnic area at this time
Bottled water may be purchased downstairs

All tours are weather permitting only
* Rain creates muddy conditions and tours may have to
be cancelled at the last minute.  We apologize for the
inconvenience, but that is the nature of this site.
Reservations are required
for wheelchair
Please call 559-271-0734 in
advance for an

wheelchairs no
wider than 26" from wheel to
wheel can be
accommodated.  We regret
that the site cannot safely
accommodate motorized
chairs & scooters.

Walker users should be
aware that there are several
sets of stairs during the tour.  
Walkers with wheels work
best on the earthen path-
ways. Please know your limits.

For hearing-impaired visitors,
transcripts are available from
the Admissions counter and
must be returned after the
tour is finished.
Our policy is to permit visitors
to take "vacation" photos for
personal enjoyment.
Although the Underground
Gardens are a state land-
mark, they are still privately
owned and operated by the
Ric Forestiere Family.

All rights to photos taken of
the site remain with the
Forestiere Underground
Gardens.  Photos
may not be copyrighted or
sold either through web
albums or other
commercial or online
venues (YouTube, etc.).

Media agencies may contact
us for media use at the link
*Stay with your group and tour host so that
you do not get lost.

*Children must be within view of their parents at all times,
and while this is a  fun place to explore,
it is not a playground

*Do not venture into blocked off areas as they are not
part of the tour.

*No sitting or climbing on planters or furnishings

*No food, beverages, or smoking permitted
on tour, but water bottles are welcome.
No strollers or pets,
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